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Polaware™ lenses are the perfect lenses for both high energy and lounging activities outdoors. Polaware™ lenses from Vision Warehouse create the best in protection from annoying, harmful and dangerous glare. Polaware™ uses the latest in polarizing filtration to absorb unwanted light waves. This allows only the light essential for viewing comfort to pass through.

Safety, Comfort, Reliability and Durability are the benchmarks of Polaware™. Combining these high demand consumer features with the latest advances in lens manufacturing technology is what makes Polaware™ "the finest vision your customers can experience under the sun".

Technical Definitions:

GLARE: Glare is the unwanted reflection of light waves. Glare is the most fatiguing form of light and stresses eyes to the max outdoors. Glare, especially prevalent in late afternoon commutes, creates extremely hazardous driving conditions. Filtering the glare by Polarizing light, and its subsequent reflections, into only one plane reduces the stress on the eyes and works to eliminate the glare factor.

POLARIZATION: Light waves travel in straight lines and in all directions, even after reflecting off shiny surfaces. However, some light that is reflected from flat surfaces becomes horizontally concentrated. This light concentrates in a highly uniform manner vibrating in parallel planes which results as glare. This highly concentrated, polarized light causes visual information about the viewed objects to be lost. The resultant glare can make the color, shape and size of critical objects undeterminable.


Technical Specifications:

Finished Single Vision Plano

Semi-Finished Single Vision
Center Thickness: 2.3mm Center Thickness: 2.3mm
Diameter: 73mm Diameter: 73mm
Base Curve: 6 Diopter Base Curve: 3,5 Diopter


Impact Resistance: Polaware™ exceeds the FDA Drop Ball Test and adheres to ANSI-Z80.3-1996, AS1067.1-1990 and EN18336-1997.

Patient Satisfaction Warranty

If at any time within one year from the date of purchase, either the purchaser or the patient for whom our product was prescribed discovers a defect in material or workmanship, we will gladly replace that product with a product of equal or greater value for free. Our goal is to have pleased and satisfied customers.

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