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   1.53 Index Trivex
   1.60 Index
   1.67 Index
   1.74 Index             
   Transitions CR-39
   Transitions Trivex
   Transition 1.60 Index
   Sunsensors 1.56 Index
   Polarized 1.60 Index      

   Mirror Coating
   Flash Mirror Coating

    Freeform degressive Office lens
    Dynamic degressive power range
    Ray Tracing optimization
    Binocular vision optimization
    Astigmatism compensation
    Fitting cross at PRP on center
    Min fitting height 12mm
        Recommended min fitting height
    Fitting cross at PRP
    Max dimater 70mm w/0 decentration
        ( 90mm with decentration)
    Ordering is easy as regular
        progressive lens

Stealth Office, as a premium digital Freeform Progressive lens designed specifically for
comfort in an office environment and use as a degressive lens.  Stealth Office offers a dynamic degressive power range that embodies all the technology of ray tracing optimization, binocular vision optimization and compensation for astigmatism created as the eye rotates about the lens.

Patient Satisfaction Warranty

If at any time within one year from the date of purchase, either the purchaser or the patient for whom our product was prescribed discovers a defect in material or workmanship, we will gladly replace that product with a product of equal or greater value for free. Our goal is to have pleased and satisfied customers.

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