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   1.53 Index Trivex
   1.60 Index
   1.67 Index
   1.74 Index             
   Transitions CR-39
   Transitions Trivex
   Transition 1.60 Index
   Sunsensors 1.56 Index
   Polarized 1.60 Index      

   Mirror Coating
   Flash Mirror Coating

Individually Customized
    Individually Customized
        Dynamic Vision
    Ray Tracing Digitizing Method      
    Optimized and Individualized
    Optimized and Individualized
        Corridor Length
    Optimized and Individualized
         Binocular Vision
    Dispensor specified PD, Vertex
        distance, Frame form angle,
        pantoscopic tilt,
        reading distance
        lifestyle options.

Rxports Stealth DIO is the culmination of art and science in an individualized freeform progressive lens.   Rxports Stealth DIO gives you, as the practitioner, the ability to specify every single individualized aspect of the lens design for your client.  If you have ever fancied yourself as a lens designer, then this is YOUR LENS.

Our Rxports line of lenses is designed to give the active lifestyle user premium optics in “wrap” or high base curve lens forms.  Controlled optics for wrap lenses is not possible with conventional lenses.  This lens gives the dispenser absolute control over every aspect of fit and wear with the use of linear profiles and ray tracing defined by “personal parameters”.

Rxports Stealth DIO takes all the technology found in all Stealth products and then adds “dispenser designed” dimensions to the product.  INDIVIDUAL, UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND are all the defining words used to characterize the experience of this lens.  HINT:  SINCE Rxports IS NOT AVAILABLE IN STEALTH PRO, YOU CAN SAFELY DISPENSE Rxports Stealth DIO USING FACTORY PARAMETERS AS YOUR DEFAULTS).

To bring a totally unique view of the world to your patient, Rxports Stealth DIO allows you to control the following variables for your client:

·         PD

·         Vertex Distance

·         Pantoscopic Tilt

·         Frame Form Angle

·         Lifestyle

·         Reading Distance….assumed at 400mm….but closer or farther distances control the corridor inset.

Stealth Dio Layout

Patient Satisfaction Warranty

If at any time within one year from the date of purchase, either the purchaser or the patient for whom our product was prescribed discovers a defect in material or workmanship, we will gladly replace that product with a product of equal or greater value for free. Our goal is to have pleased and satisfied customers.

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